A brief tour through history


In the summer of `87 we were in our late teens. Some of us had just met for the first time and we decided to put a band together. This band was named Santa Claus. We stayed together for aproximately two years before we went our separate ways. The next couple of years we went in and out of various bands (AXA, Black Widow, Suspect, Saturday Mania....)


The band`s classic line-up was put together in January this year. The recording of our first demo took place in NRK Telemark Studio, Skien. Producer was Kåre Flaten (with a lot of help from the band.)


A four track demo was recorded in a local studio (Lydlåven, Kragerø) with Svein Erik Hammer on drums (Jan Isaksen was in the army at this point.) Two of the songs ended up on our first CD the following year: "Stay" and "Shot of love" (later renamed "Loveshot"). The other two songs were "Push Push" and "Silver Horses". Producer was Tor Jarandsen.


Our debut album "Steamy session" is released. It was recorded during one week in TomTom Studio in Larvik with Mikkel Schille as producer. Mastered at Masterhuset, Oslo. A legendary releaseparty was held at Amadeus Musikk Cafe in our hometown Kragerø with guest appearances from many local musicians. 


The band decides to take a break!


The band comes back together to participate on the compilation CD "Absolutt rekti". The song "Afterworld" was recorded in AroKam Studio, Larvik. This leads to more new songs being written and eventually the release of the EP "The jewel & the magpie" later the same year. Recorded in the same studio with Stig Aron Kamonen as producer. Mastered at Nidaros Studio by Rune Nordal.


A collaboration with Merry Recordings leads to the recording of 3 new songs in Tempo Recording Studio, Oslo. Producer was Bjørn Nilsen with co-producer Frank Jaklin. The songs are "Rain", "Shit happens" and "Only for the moment". We also recorded another bunch of songs at Lydlåven, Kragerø with Tor Jarandsen as producer.  These songs + a couple of others was later put together as our third album and released digitally as "The Sound Farm Recordings".


American label Nightbeat Records released the compilation CD "Hot tracks from Scandinavia" for promotional purposes in the US and our two songs "Shit happens" and "The jewel & the magpie" was chosen to be on the album. They also invited us over to play some gigs there, but it never happened due to financally reasons. Later the same year we recorded the song "Hard to get" for the local compilation "Kragerø CD`n 1998".


Norwegian indie-label Coco Pelli Records released a compilation of unsigned bands. The CD was called "Norwegian underdogs" and our song "Rain" appears on it. Later the same year we decided to call it quits.  


During the summer holiday we decided to put on a one-off show called "one night only" and played a concert at Amadeus Musikk Cafe in our hometown. It was great fun, but by this time we had our separate bands (Smalltown Rockets, Manheim.) Everybody thought this was the last time we ever played together. 


The re-opening of Amadeus Musikk Cafe was happening between christmas and new years eve this year and a few local bands played. Shotgun Sally was invited as "special guests" to mark the 20th anniversary of "steamy session". This was the last time the original line-up played together.


Sometime during this year we were contacted out of the blue by american label Demon Doll Records. They claimed to specialise in re-issuing albums in our genre and wanted to do so with "steamy session". We thought this sounded cool and agreed to make a deal with them. In the meantime we were told to create a buzz around the release. So we did!


In December this year we held a promo-concert to advertise for the upcoming re-issue. The location was the pub Stopp En Halv in Kragerø. For this concert we had to bring in our old friend from the Santa Claus-period, Thomas Aas, to replace the original bass player. This was his first gig as a Shotgun Sally-member. 


After nearly two years of back-and-forth it was becoming clear to us that the long awaited re-issue wasn`t going to happen. The deal with the americans was dropped and we decided to contact Big Dipper instead. When we were included in the project "Norwegian album classics" it soon became clear to us that we had to do more gigs. So we got back together in our old rehearsal place and went to work.


The people behind this huge project "Norwegian album classics" worked their asses off during a difficult time on many levels and many of the albums were delayed due to a long list of people who was waiting in line on the European vinyl pressings. Our album was postponed aproximately nine months.


Finally the vinyl version of "steamy session was ready to be released! We did two release concerts during the summer and they were both packed with people who wanted to hear the band live (some of them for the first time) and to buy the album. The man behind it all, Christer Falck, held a great speech about the concept of Norwegian Album Classics and how he first heard about Shotgun Sally when he worked in a record shop in Oslo during the 90`s. Then he introduced the band for an audience full of excitement!


Steamy Session is 30 years old!                                                                                              

What does the future hold? 

Only Sally knows....

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